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    Pride in Bisexuality Crop Top

    Devlin chose this collection because it took her a long time to find a label she was confident in. She recognizes that identity labels can always evolve for anyone, yet they remain incredibly empowering for many.

    Devlin believes everyone should have the opportunity to proudly display their pride in their label if they choose to. That's why she wanted to create a space for others who identify as bisexual to celebrate their identity.


    Purple Pride Rainbow Baseball Hat

    Devlin wanted to embrace the subtlety of this hat, recognizing that many individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ may not feel comfortable or safe being out. This hat offers a discreet yet meaningful symbol of pride, allowing individuals to express themselves without explicitly displaying a flag.

    Having been fortunate enough to have a safe space to come out herself, Devlin understands the importance of ensuring that those who cannot openly express their identity still feel a sense of pride within themselves. This hat serves as a reminder that pride can exist in various forms, even if it's hidden from the outside world.


    Just a Reminder Cropped Hoodie

    Devlin fell in love with this piece because she recognized that so many people often need this reminder, but may not hear it. Some may not believe it either. This is especially prevalent for those who identify as LGBTQ+ and she felt this was the perfect piece to tie this collection together!


Devlin is a sophomore in college, majoring in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies, she spend a lot of her academic life involved in social issues across topics, and issues that the LGBTQ+ community faces, are included within this!

She also identifies, as bisexual herself but never came out until college. This was in part due to a personal boycott on the concept of coming out as if she was straight, she would not have to do so. Devlin had a wonderful community around her that has been nothing but supportive since, especially her mom! This is part of why she felt so strongly about a collection surrounding pride, especially with Pride Month coming in June!

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