About Us


hand-made clothing created by our family for you to wear in your most important moments with your families


DSY Lifestyle is a family owned brand.

We make everything in-house in LA - each of our pieces is embroidered in house by one of us. By designing everything ourselves, we're able to respond quickly to large-scale conversations and trending topics before other brands so that you can contribute to the conversation right now with what you wear.  As a direct manufacturer and embroiderer, we’re able to keep costs down for you.


Wear your message on your sleeve.

Our hope is that our wearable fashion can start a conversation with a stranger so you can see what you have in common more than you see your differences, and that common ground helps you share a moment of happiness together.


Be who you want to be.

We are committed to size-inclusivity and diversity so whatever you identify as, there's something for you.  Our family-owned business is dedicated to celebrating what makes you "you".

All made in the USA and available to ship right away!

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