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    BeYOUtiful Crop Top

    You can be positive towards others but if you are not to yourself, it will hinder you. We all have flaws, no one is perfect and that’s what makes us all beautiful! This is that top that you can wear super casual or elevate it with some fun accessories and a chic blazer. 💖✨


    It's a Lifestyle

    When being positive, you have to own it in every sense. You have to adopt it and it starts from within. When feeling down, being positive will help you get through. The everyday hoodie that you can wear as a constant reminder of what’s important.✨


    Daisy Bucket Hat

    The cute hat to soak in the vibes, keep you cool, and be the cherry on top to a fun look.! 🌼 Whether you pair with denim or a sundress, you’re going to love this hat! Don’t be surprised if it’s your new favorite accessory! 🌸


My name is Chemille Nicole, a born and raised New Yorker who realizes the benefits and importance of living a positive lifestyle. I’ve had moments in my life where I was significantly stressed & angry which started to affect other areas in my life.

This is when I decided to adopt a positive lifestyle. Being positive is more than having a positive outlook. It’s starts within you and how you speak to yourself, about yourself, and to others. Speaking positivity into your life will only lead to good things and better opportunities.

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