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See a piece you love? We'd love to see you in it.

We want to see you & who you are & we want to see you embracing & living our DSY Lifestyle.

Do Something Younique Campaign

DSY Lifestyle is a clothing brand founded by mom, business owner, and all around badass, Daisy. When she started DSY Lifestyle in 2008 it was a one woman show out of her garage supporting her kids on a single mother income. Since starting DSY Lifestyle her clothing brand has been a storefront, an Etsy shop with over 85,000 sales & now stands on it's own website

Daisy started this brand with the goals and passions that she was going to do anything it took to build this business into what it is today. She knows first hand the struggles, the highs, the lows, she has experienced it all. Up until now, Daisy has been the face and driving force of DSY Lifestyle, but as the world moves quick and more and more people continue to let their story be known on their online platforms, Daisy has realized it's not just her own story that empowers her motivation; but yours.

And now, DSY Lifestyle is ready to pass the torch. We want to tell your story. We want you to see what we see. Your continued inspiration, willingness to give back, and overall positive energy perfectly embodies what the DSY Lifestyle is all about. We want you to help be one of the fresh faces behind DSY. We're not here for competition, we're here for community. And most importantly, we want to empower our community, allow them to express themselves while feeling supported in who they are, and encourage you to embrace the DSY Lifestyle.

But here's the best part- we don't just want you to wear our clothes, we want you to help build our first collections. When you become a part of the Do Something Younique Campaign, you will choose 2 pieces from our entire store to start your own collection. On our website you will receive your own separate tab labeled with the collection name that you choose! You will also get to choose the item names for the pieces you choose to start your collection!

This will operate on a gifted collaboration basis. You will receive, free of charge, the two pieces in your collection as well as a $50 giftcard to gift to someone in your community that you think deserves to spoil themselves, or who also embodies the DSY Lifestyle.

You do not need to be a current micro influencer to participate in this campaign. All we ask is that you have something you are extremely passionate about and would like to bring more awareness to. If you have a platform built on supporting this cause or your beliefs, great! If not, no worries. Your follower count doesn't matter to us. What matters is that you are here to make the world a better place. You will be asked to create social media content so experience in any capacity will be required. (Familiar with photo & video content) Social media handles are only asked to be provided to see examples of work you have created (but again, not required)

If chosen for this campaign, you will be provided products in exchange for social media content. Details about deliverables will be provided in an e-mail if you are selected.

We are excited to bring the DSY Lifesyle to life with your help! You will have permission to add this collaboration to your portfolio as a micro influencer, social media manager, etc. We want you to benefit from this as well! This does have the opportunity to turn into a paid collaboration.

Please fill out the fields below & submit your application, if chosen we'll be in touch shortly via email! Thank you for supporting the DSY Lifestyle!

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